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Thread: An OpenGL Education:

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    An OpenGL Education:

    Where's a newbie to start when learning OGL?
    I just bought the Waite Groups "OGL
    Superbible". Does anyone here know/read this book and could vouch for it's wholesome goodness? Also, this is random, but is there any integration of OGL and the Python language?

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    Re: An OpenGL Education:

    Well internet wise - just hang around here, and

    there are WONDERFUL tutorials made by Nehe at

    be sure to thank him everytime you learn something =)

    book wise you gotta go with the OpenGL Programming Guide (Third Edition) by Mason Woo

    otherwise known as the "red book"


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    Re: An OpenGL Education:

    Something about the superbible:It is an excellent book if you want to learn OpenGl and it is suited for the beginner and as a reference for pros.The only thing which isnīt talked enough about is the math behind things(perhaps only for me).

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    Re: An OpenGL Education:

    OpenGl SuperBible - I love that book!

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    Re: An OpenGL Education:

    I agree with XBCT, it's great in explaining but i would like to get the equations used by OpenGL too to understand it fully.
    You can also look at the online OpenGL programming Guide

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