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    What difference does it make if I pass 0 for the flags to ChangeDisplaySettings or if I pass CDS_FULLSCREEN? They seem kinda the same to me, and the help file doesn't help on that at all. Which is best for games?

    Oh yeah, where can I get the official OpenGL programming guide/reference manual? All I have is a badly organized help file that came with VC++.

    Thanks for the help!


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    Re: ChangeDisplaySettings

    You should look in the .chm for GDI from the Platform SDK:
    0 - The graphics mode for the current screen will be changed dynamically.

    CDS_FULLSCREEN - The mode is temporary in nature.
    Windows NT/2000: If you change to and from another desktop, this mode will not be reset

    What that means...
    If your program crashes and you have changed the resolution with CDS_FULLSCREEN does it seems like it will be restored.

    NeHe has links to the books on his site. The red book can also be downloaded from gamedev.

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