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Thread: precompiled *.LIBs for BC++

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    precompiled *.LIBs for BC++

    Hi there!
    I need the GLUT *.lib files for BC++. I might be too dumb to compile them, or just not find the sources to do so. I managed it to get glut32.lib, but still need glu32.lib and some more. Who can help me (or email them to

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    Re: precompiled *.LIBs for BC++

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    Re: precompiled *.LIBs for BC++

    Thanks man, you saved my life

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    Re: precompiled *.LIBs for BC++

    Just for information and if someone needs it:

    Almost every compiler has an implib utility program that's used to create .lib files that are compatible with it, and this from the DLL file itself.
    The usual command line is:
    implib <path>\mydll.dll <path>\mydll.lib
    or simply
    implib <path>\mydll.dll

    For BC++ I think implib.exe is located in the bin directory.

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