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Thread: Fullscreen & Enum/ChangeDisplaySettings source?

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    Fullscreen & Enum/ChangeDisplaySettings source?

    I know you people have been talking a lot about this lately, but has any of you source code samples on how to use ChangeDisplaySettings and EnumDS to make a fullscreen OpenGL application?


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    Re: Fullscreen & Enum/ChangeDisplaySettings source?

    Take a look at this page, it has source code to do what you are looking for :


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    Re: Fullscreen & Enum/ChangeDisplaySettings source?

    Thanks Nate. I could make the ChangeDisplaySettings work, but my application is still misbehaving. I'm using an MFC SDI template in this application and I can't set up the windows startup styles correctly...

    Should I set them up in the CView or in the CFrameWnd? Or both maybe?

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