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Thread: partial cylinders

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    partial cylinders

    Is there a function in the glu library like gluPartialDisc() but instead of a disc it is a partial cylinder? If not, how would I code a partial cylinder, i.e. a cylindar that has an arc length of pi/3?

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    Re: partial cylinders


    void gluCylinder(GLUquadricObj *qobj,
    GLdouble baseRadius,
    GLdouble topRadius,
    GLdouble height,
    GLint slices,
    GLint stacks)

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    Re: partial cylinders

    I know about that function, but it does not provide a means of producing half, or a quarter of a cylinder; it only produces the entire 360 degrees of revolution. Any ideas?

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    Re: partial cylinders

    Instead of using glCylinder, is it possible to draw two arcs and two lines connecting them and then fill in the resulting shape?

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    Re: partial cylinders

    hate to say this, but i think the only way of doing that is by using a bezier patch (see NeHe tutorials) or a NURBS patch. I kinda wish there was a function that did that.
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