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Thread: Glut Window Error

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    Glut Window Error


    Whenever I am trying to run an OpenGl application over an X-window I recieve the following message...

    Code :
     GLUT: Fatal Error in (unamed): visual with necessary capabilities not found.
    I googled for answers all of yesterday and found only one possible solution in changing my color-bit-depth. This did not solve my problem, so I am back to square one.

    If anybody has seen this message or knows how to fix it I would greatly appreciate any help.


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    Re: Glut Window Error

    What graphic card do you have, what driver do you use (also are they well installed), what X do you use (XFree or Xorg, and what version), what is your glut version (also is it freeglut, mesaglut...) ?

    Can you show what glxinfo says ?

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