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Thread: creating multiple windows?

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    creating multiple windows?


    I would like to know any resources out there that can teach me on how to create multiple windows in openGL (i.e. 3 different representations of data/solution at the same time on 3 connected but separate windows)

    Thanks for any info

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    Re: creating multiple windows?

    If you're using glut, create a second window in exactly the same way as before - make sure that you provide seperate callbacks for your display & reshape functions. (plus mouse keyboard etc...).

    order goes like :

    createWindow 1

    glutDisplayFunc( win1Display );
    glutReshapeFunc( win1Reshape );

    createWindow 2

    glutDisplayFunc( win2Display );
    glutReshapeFunc( win2Reshape );


    if using MFC or any other API, then let us know and you'll be given your answer.....

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