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Thread: Writing directly to the Z-buffer?

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    Writing directly to the Z-buffer?

    Is it possible to write information directly into the Z-buffer and/or stencil buffer? I need to copy some color values from one imgaes into the Z-buffer as Z-buffer values. Then I need to draw another picture doing depth-tests with these values. It seems that functions like glCopyPixels and glReadPixels can read Z-buffer data and then convert them into colors but not the other way around. Can this be done?

    Any help is appreciated

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    Re: Writing directly to the Z-buffer?

    Use glDrawPixels with GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT or GL_STENCIL_INDEX. Just remember that it does not draw directly into the depth/stencil buffer, but generates fragments. You might want to disable drawing to the color buffer, and set depth function to GL_ALWAYS. Not sure what you need to do with the stencil function, but I guess it's something similar.

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