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Thread: OpenGL / LccWin32

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    OpenGL / LccWin32

    I can't seem to compile any code involving images. It says DIBAUXImageLoad or something similar is undefined. Is there a way to manually define it, do I need an extra library or something?

    I'm using the LCC-WIN32 code from NeHe's 6th OpenGL Tutorial...

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Re: OpenGL / LccWin32

    I use LCCWin with OpenGL too.
    Sounds like you're not linking your sources to some required libraries.

    Check to see that you're linking to glaux.lib, glu32.lib and opengl32.lib.
    Also define your subsystem as "windows".

    Here's what I pass LCC;

    Code :
    d:\lcc\bin\lcc.exe -fno-inline -ansic -O2 myprog.c
    d:\lcc\bin\lcclnk.exe -s -subsystem windows -o myprog.exe myprog.obj opengl32.lib glu32.lib
    del myprog.obj
    Place that in a batchfile and change the source file names to match yours, and it should compile nicely.

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