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Thread: translation problem

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    translation problem

    I would like to know how to translate logical to screen coordinates.I am aware of the gluProject/gluUnProject ,but i don't need tehm.What i need is to find a way to estimate how many pixels correspond to a logical unit of length.Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: translation problem

    if you are doing stuff on the viewport plane, itīs easy:

    one pixel width = viewport_with / screen_x_resolution
    oe pixel height = viewport height / screen_y_resolution

    so, if you want to draw a dot directly in fron of the camera (basically in 2D) at coordinates (300,200), with a frustum starting at 1.5, do

    glVertex3f(300*pixwidth-viewport_width/2, 200*pixheight-viewport_height/2, -1.50001);

    note that y-coords are upside-down.
    the -1.500001 is necessary becaus if you chose -1.5, some gfx drivers assume the point is actually behind your frustum

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