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    X Window Display

    for a class project, my group has decided to make a 3D virtual desktop to run over Linux or even a general unix environment. But we really aren't sure where to start. Are there any places where we can get info to help us do this.


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    Re: X Window Display

    I have be trying to do this for about a year know (I only work on this in my spar time and only have one other person working with me, and on top of that I am not the best OGL coder out there) so I am not saying that you will need more then a year. That bening said it is not a simple progect. I asume that you know some OGL programing,( if this is not the case look on this site and at NeHe) there are some simmler progects out there I rember seening a very good 3D windows manager you might try looking for that at sourceforge (I think it was at sourceforge anyway) there are some guys that made a 3D file viewer from MIT sorry I forgot the link for that one to but, there is some example code out there I will give you the links if I can find them for the stuff I talked about.
    Good Luck

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