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Thread: User Ranks

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    User Ranks

    I know there are: 'unregistered', 'contributor', and 'frequent contributor' Ranks.

    How many poll scores do you have to get to become a 'frequent contributor'?

    And is there anything higher than a 'frequent contributor'?


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    Re: User Ranks

    I've never seen anything higher than "Frequent Contributor", people don't seem to care about these "ranks" on this forum, as is evidenced by the ability to post unregistered.

    It didn't take long to obtain "Frequent Contributor" status, maybe 15-20 posts? (just a guess)

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    Re: User Ranks

    I thought maybe it was closer to 100 for frequent contributer, but I don't remember for sure.

    Edit: I also don't think there is anything higher than frequent contributor. I've got around 1100+ posts now and still at frequent contributor.

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