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Thread: How Make the game ste to step?

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    How Make the game ste to step?

    Good I imagine that this has asked many times, but I don't located any clear answer:

    ¿Where I can find documentation and samples of as creating a game (Step to Step) FPS 3D using OpenGL?

    They could tell me:

    When making their games that steps follow to program, after of having the analysis?

    would help me something as:
    - First I initialize opengl
    - Then I create the class that manages the primitives
    - Then I create the class that manages the camera

    Thanks, and excuse my ignorance.
    Excuse for my English, is that not yet I learn well.

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    Re: How Make the game ste to step?

    You could try the following books:
    1)Beginning OpenGL Game Programming
    2)OpenGL Game Development

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    Re: How Make the game ste to step?

    I'm currently developing a game, and this is how I did it so far:
    * I first chose a bunch of libraries to use.
    In my case: OpenGL for 3D rendering, OpenAL for 3D audio streaming, QT for windowing things and lib3ds for loading a 3ds model.
    * Looking for someone to help you.
    Because on your own, you won't get even close to maken a first person shooter, and things you can't seem to debug, he most probably can.
    * Register a project
    I've registerd my project on, because they have subversion support.
    * Start creating an engine.
    This is how we do it: we create a bunch of classes(as in: c++ class), each class does something specific(in example, one handles sounds, one loading models and so on).
    All those classes come to getter in one main class .

    I'm currently still working on the engine(which probably will take some time), so I don't exactly know what's coming later on, but it's probably programing the game, searching people who are willing to make models, sounds and music.

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