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Thread: GLUT vs Win32API

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    GLUT vs Win32API

    I cannot decide whether to use GLUT or Win32API for the opengl game I wish to make. I am not thinking of porting it or anything, and I already know some Win32API however I am ready to learn GLUT if needed. So I was just looking for some help and info about which one would be better to use. Thanks a lot!

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    Re: GLUT vs Win32API

    If you use Win32, you'll have more flexabilty over your main loop.

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    Re: GLUT vs Win32API


    I'm also starting with a new game, and I decided to use Win32 because I can control the keyboard input more precisely. GLUT uses a callback function for key handling (very easy ) but not fast enough to do direct key handling.
    You should check NeHe tuts at .



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