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Thread: Two Questions?

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    Two Questions?

    Is there a faster way to rasterize text or bitmaps? it's dog slow my fps is cut to a 1/4 just for a tiny little bit of rastering!!

    not that im complaining but why does my fps go up when im using textures the program runs faster with them than without!!!

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    Re: Two Questions?


    re: the second question.

    It's a government iniative. Texture polygon filling is subsidised by your government so its more attractive to you, the s/w developer. (Although some poorer countries apply tarrifs to non-texture polygons. Either will have the same nett effect, though you'd expect faster frame rates on the subsidised polygon fill.)

    Its an iniative to encourage more texture use. I fully support it.


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    Re: Two Questions?

    ˇViva la revolución!


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    Re: Two Questions?

    Thats Awesome but,
    theres still the first question

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