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Thread: gluUnProject, mouse cords?

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    gluUnProject, mouse cords?

    I've read all the messages on the board but I don't really understand how I can get all the cords of the mouse when its clicked in 3d space. I just have a flat floor and I want to make it so when I click on the floor I can tell how deep the click is. I have a demo that someone wrote up but the z axis does not change. Any suggestions or source code would be appreciated.

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    Re: gluUnProject, mouse cords?

    If you use gluUnproject(winx,winy,winz,.......)
    winz=0 is the near clippingplane and winz=1 the far clipping plane.
    You can use this to get a projectionline and look where it intersects with your floor plane.
    The hard thing will be to get your plane equation for the floor after doing some viewingtransformations.

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