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    Hey everyone. Is there an easy way to texture a simple quad

    Basically ive been having troubles texturing a quad in visual C++ so can someone run me through step by step on how to do this. I program my window using GLUT so no windows.h code please

    also ive read like a billion tutorials online and they never seem to work. If i need to import the file manually please say so

    cheers everyone!
    i lol'd

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    Re: Texturing

    first of all, you need the image data, either loading it from disk or generating it yourself, I asume you have that. then I would suggest you to look at chapter 9 of red book to get an idea of filters, and how you draw them, and also try serching on the forums here for "textured quad", I'm sure this has been asked a lot before, check this post I once did: post

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