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Thread: Intersecting Textures

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    Intersecting Textures


    I've created two intersecting rectangles that have textures mapped to them (photos). At the line where the two textures intersect, I get a heavy sawtooth effect between the two textures. This varies ( getting worse and better ) depending on the rotation of the object.

    Is there a way to improve the rendered view at the intersection line between the two textures? I'd like to get a straight line matching up the textures rather than the varying jagged line.

    Any suggestions are appreciated!


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    Re: Intersecting Textures

    when you call gluPerspective or such like what is your minimum z value for the view frustrum? If it is to low then such visual effects can occurr. Change it to 1.0 and see if it looks any better.

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    Re: Intersecting Textures


    I was using 0.001. I changed it to 1 and it looks great!



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