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Thread: glTextImage3d undeclared?

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    glTextImage3d undeclared?

    Hi, i was getting errors on gl.h and someone told me to include windows.h before gl.h and the problem was solved, but now i get:

    c:\c-cpp\opengl\xeya\loadtext.h(43) : error C2065: 'GL_TEXTURE_3D' : undeclared identifier
    c:\c-cpp\opengl\xeya\loadtext.h(5 : error C2065: 'glTexImage3D' : undeclared identifier
    c:\c-cpp\opengl\xeya\loadtext.h(85) : error C2065: 'GL_TEXTURE_WRAP_R' : undeclared identifier

    hows this possible? =\

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    Re: glTextImage3d undeclared?

    windows libs/headers are currently at version 1.1, those functions are version 1.2 (or higher) therefore they are not defined. Use glext + load them as extensions

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