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Thread: Getting the Device Context

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    Getting the Device Context

    I'm trying to create an opengl window with mfc. When I write "GetDC(hWnd)" in Oncreate, the compiler says "function does not take 1 parameters." Can anybody tell me what I might have done wrong?

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    Re: Getting the Device Context

    I presume this comes from a CWindow or derivative....

    In the MSDN docs it says this...


    and in the class CWindow

    HDC GetDC()

    you are calling the latter in your class, which is fine omit the parameter unless the hwnd is not the CWindow. In that case call

    ::GetDC(HWND) (notice particularly the "::") to get to global scope

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    Re: Getting the Device Context

    There's also

    CDC* CWnd::GetDC();

    In that case if you want an HDC for that particular window, you can do something like this..

    HDC hDC = GetDC()->GetSafeHdc();
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