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Thread: Extension Refernce Functions

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    Extension Refernce Functions

    Hi... I'm totally new to opengl extensions and I am having a hard time finding a reference for the syntax. I know how to declare them and call them once i have them. I am also aware of how to check if they are supported.

    But for example... the function below seems strait forward to me at first.

    I want to be able to get the pointer to my buffer so I can use an offset one vertex data is loaded to the card...

    I would have though it needed 2 parameters but it takes three. And I'm uncertain on where to find the reference. Does one exist?

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    Re: Extension Refernce Functions

    The extension specifications are listed at

    Most of them also contain sample code.

    #define BUFFER_OFFSET(i) ((char *)NULL + (i))


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    Re: Extension Refernce Functions

    Thanks -NiCo-,

    With your link and example i was able to easily understand how to use exstensions in general. Again thanks...

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