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Thread: Interface Design

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    Interface Design

    hello everyone

    i have to design an interface which can open, save, print etc., bmp files. i am using VC++ interface. what i need to know is, whether i can do it using only the functions provided in OpenGL and its utility kit ( GLUT ). if yes, how? if no, then is it essential to use MFC. and the condition is, i want a visual interface.



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    Re: Interface Design

    OpenGL doesn't have any functions for directly loading/saving image files like BMP files, so all that code you would have to do yourself, anyway. If all you used OpenGL for was to display the BMPs, you could probably just as well use GDI functions instead. MFC is great for setting up a UI, and makes a lot of things like Dialog boxes easier to manage, so I would definitely suggest using that for this type of app.
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