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Thread: fluid render

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    fluid render

    i'd like to know if there is an option or something to write in order to have a fluid render.
    At present when i rotate or translate my object i see it beeing erased and drawn again (quickly but i see it...).
    i don't think my datas are too big because i've seen others opengl tools which had a fluid render for the same datas.

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    Re: fluid render

    - Use double buffering. (How you set this up depends how you are creating your window. glut, Win32, MFC, SDL, etc.)
    - If using MFC, be sure to override OnEraseBkgnd and make it always return TRUE.
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    Re: fluid render

    i use glut
    i think i use already double buffering when i write:
    glutInitDisplayMode( GLUT_RGB | GLUT_DEPTH | GLUT_DOUBLE );

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    Re: fluid render

    On the NVIDIA webiste, they have a fluid render.

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