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Thread: going through infinite

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    going through infinite

    im a begginer just starting using opengl, my question is:

    i have a spaceship, a floor , and all around is sky, sky and the floor both are bitmapas, textures,

    what i want to do is go with my spaceship very high but the sky must never finish, i mean the sky must go through infinite
    what i have tried is set the sky as a Cylinder, and as i go up (Y) the height of the cilynder also increases, and i also tried with a Sphere and a increase on its radio, but it dont works as the idea of a infinite sky

    maybe you can give me some ideas

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    Re: going through infinite

    Well the cylinder trick looks the best for you, just make sure that it is always centered around the spaceship position.

    The problem is that in reality, the sky is not infinite ...

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