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Thread: Modeling Question

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    Modeling Question


    I want to model many cars for my game and I guess it is a good idea to store the colors in the materials instead of the texture and use an intensity texture which can be applied to all cars of the same type.

    Let's sat I want to make red, blue and green version s of a car, I will change the material of each car after loading. Since their texture is just intensity they should look correct.

    Is this a good idea ? How would you do that ?



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    Re: Modeling Question

    Yes, this is a reasonable idea, however some components like headlights may not produce the desired effect because they will be colored too, it really depends on the look you go for and how your vehicles are modeled.

    To do as you suggest you would use a texture the colored cars with a glTexEnv of GL_MODULATE and it'll just work for you.

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