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Thread: Installing GLUT under Solaris 2.8/gcc 3.0

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    Installing GLUT under Solaris 2.8/gcc 3.0

    If this is not the appropriate forum to handle this issue, please refer me to a
    better one. I obtained and built both the
    pre-built binary and the source package
    versions of GLUT 3.7 available at:

    In both cases, I end up with a directory
    structure containing source files, with
    various (working) binaries and libraries
    peppered around, but no indication of how to
    put these files in meaningful locations in
    the file system. Doing a "make install" is essentially a NOP, even if one has defined
    DESTDIR in the top-level Imakefile prior to
    building (DESTDIR gets propagated, but none
    of the Makefile make any use of it!). Does
    anyone have guidance as to how to complete
    the installation? I certainly don't want to
    simply plunk down the entire messy source
    tree somewhere, I just want to install the
    libraries, header files, binaries, etc.
    in appropriate places.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Please reply
    by direct mail as I am not a member of this

    Cheerio, Rick Rodgers (

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    Re: Installing GLUT under Solaris 2.8/gcc 3.0

    Check the OpenGL under Linux forum (under discussion forums). It has the answers to linux/unix questions. Also has instructions on how to use OpenGL under Solaris, so it might prove useful

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    Re: Installing GLUT under Solaris 2.8/gcc 3.0


    well, you don't _need_ to install it, surely?

    Its been ages since I checked out glut, but you should have


    its up to you how to organise it, but you might find it useful to cp glut/lib to /usr/openwin/lib and glut/include to /usr/openwin/include and then set the appropriate library and include variables in the makefile.

    glut is just a library with an associated header file; where you stash the lib and include directories and hwo you set up your pathes is one of the amazing joys of having root permissions


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