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Thread: To render or not to render

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    To render or not to render

    Hi all ,

    Im trying to figure if the object will be render on screen befor glBegin( ) , glEnd( ).
    From reading stuff i figure that :

    vertex --> ModelViewMatrix -->ProjectionMatrix-->Prespective division(divaid x/w ,y/w z/w) --> Here I stuck ... (ViewPort transformation ) , what is the the view port matrix ???

    MSDN in glViewPort explenetion say :
    | |
    Xwin=(Xnd+1) |width/2|+Xleft
    | |

    according to my glViewPort param

    and i ask:Xwin=(Xnd+1)???|width/2|+Xleft

    I hope some one can help .... What is the model view matrix ?

    Thank u all


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    Re: To render or not to render

    check the faq IIRC theres an explanation with code that shows how to get the 6 planes from the viewing frustum once u have theses its a simple matter to test if the point is in the 'inside' of all the 6 planes

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