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Thread: glClear() with glxMask( GL_FALSE )?

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    glClear() with glxMask( GL_FALSE )?

    What is considered the proper behaivor for an opengl library when a glClear is issued when the mask for that particular buffer is set to GL_FALSE? Various documentation says glStencilMask() (for example) controls the writing of individual bits to the stencil buffer, but documentation is lacking on if glClear( GL_STENCIL_BUFFER_BIT ) will then clear the stencil buffer.

    It seems that attempting a glClear() with the mask set to false will not cause a clear to occur. Is that considered correct behaivor?

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    Re: glClear() with glxMask( GL_FALSE )?

    Check the API specification for things like this.
    From 4.2.3
    The masking operations described in the last section (4.2.2) are also effective.

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