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Thread: RAM question

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    RAM question

    I've written a model that I'd like to run on a Thinkpad that has 64Mb of RAM and a 4Mb ATI RAGE MOBILITY-M AGP.

    The model allows you to navigate around and it has no more than 100 simple lit geometrical objects. The performance that I get now is tolerable but slow.

    My problem is that the video card cannot be upgraded so I am wondering what performance boost, if any, I will get by adding up to 256Mb of RAM.

    Any help/opinions are appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: RAM question

    Upgrading your RAM will not likely improve graphics performance that much, if anything at all. What I have heard and read, the mobility chip is not better/faster than a software renderer on a semi-modern computer. So I'm afraid you won't get that much better performance at all with the current chip.

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