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Thread: recreating windows and textures

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    recreating windows and textures

    To do fullscreen, resolution, and color bitdepth switching (while in the app) I am just destroying the GL window and recreating it. I have to reload all texture data, right? Should I call glDeleteTextures before I destroy the window? Can I blindly reuse the texure[] array with the call to glGenTexures again or should I zero it out?
    Are there any other pitfalls when it comes to destroying and recreating the Opengl window. This is in win2000, VC6.

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    Re: recreating windows and textures

    Here's what I do:

    Unload all textures
    Switch off RC
    Destroy RC
    Destroy window
    Change mode
    Create window
    Set pixel format
    Create RC
    Make RC current
    Initialize GL state
    Load textures

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