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Thread: wxWidgets & OpenGL

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    wxWidgets & OpenGL

    Anyone know any good tutorials on using wxWidgets and OpenGL. Cause the ones I found are broken with wxWidgets 2.8.4

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    Re: wxWidgets & OpenGL

    There is an OpenGL canvas widget - if you use it then everything else is just like with standard OpenGL.
    I use wxWidgets + GLEW for my tools.

    I don't think there is any need fo separate OpenGL tutorials for wxWidgets. You create and manage that OpenGL canvas just like any other panel in wxWidgets and you use OpenGL API just like in any other OpenGL application.

    If you're thinking of something more advanced, like rendering to wxBitmap ur using wxBitmaps with OpenGL, then forget it. These are two separate worlds - you can only copy data yourself between wxWidgets and OpenGL.

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