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Thread: 3d projection

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    3d projection

    how can I project a 3dpoint correctly when its z is negative?
    I would want to visualize correctly
    a polygon also when is behind the observer

    es:this this example produces an incorrect result.

    Distance=2.56f // Distance of the observer

    x=-0.5f // 3d x
    y=-0.5f // 3d y
    z=-2.50f // 3d z
    Inverse=1.0f/(z+Distance); // reciprocal
    Xp=(x*Distance)*Inverse; //x projected
    YP=(y*Distance)*Inverse; //y projected

    thanks in advance

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    Re: 3d projection

    As I understood you do the projection yourself already in eyespace. So any point with negativ z-value is behind the viewer. Your problem seems to be the "Inverse = 1.0f/(z+Distance);". Try to do a "z = (float)fabs(z);"(or something like that) before you calculate the "Inverse".


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    Re: 3d projection

    yes it know.when z is(-2.57f)the point 3d changes direction!!!And the polygon returns in the scene!

    thanks in advace

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