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Thread: About frames and timing...

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    About frames and timing...

    I am a little confused about the structure of an OpenGL program. I have seen on this forum people referring to frames, which I assume to ba a frame of animation. How is this kinda thing implemented, is it with timing or is it simply referring to a pass through the main rendering function?

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    Re: About frames and timing...

    A frame is the result of a rendering process, if you send to OGL the right commands the result will be a frame (on screen, or some other buffers).

    An animation is composed of a sequence of frames.

    Usually to animate an object in 3d you don't need to create every position for every frame of animation. U just create some key positions, called KEY FRAMES, and your code must interpolate between theese key frames.

    The common way to interpolate between keyframes, to render an animation it's to use the TIME value.

    hope it helps.

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