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Thread: Errors in glu.h

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    Errors in glu.h


    I use DJGPP on Windows and
    I'm a beginner in OpenGl

    When I do :
    gcc prog.c -o prog.exe

    The compiler show :
    GL/glu.h : Syntax error before "void"
    GL/glu.h : Syntax error before '*' token

    Where is the problem ?



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    Re: Errors in glu.h

    Have you tried #include <windows.h> ? (BEFORE #include <GL/***.h> )

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    Re: Errors in glu.h

    Isn't DJGPP a DOS compiler? If it is, you won't be able to use it for OpenGL programming. I think you can use Mesa with it, though. That basically has all the same functions as OpenGL, but can't actually be called OpenGL because of licensing issues.
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