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Thread: multitexture glInterleavedArrays / glDrawElements?

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    multitexture glInterleavedArrays / glDrawElements?

    hi, is there any way you could use glDrawElements and glInterleavedArrays with multitexturing? because as far as it looks to me it only works with one set of texture coordinates, is it possible to make it work with multitexturing? or is there some other similar function that works with multitexturing?

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    Re: multitexture glInterleavedArrays / glDrawElements?

    use texture coordinates pointers along with vertex pointers, then select the active texture unit for each texture you'd like. multitexcoord doesn't work with arrays.

    hope that helps.

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    Re: multitexture glInterleavedArrays / glDrawElements?

    1. use glClientActiveTexture to specify the texture unit
    2. enable texture coordinate array
    3. use glTexCoordPointer to specify texture coordinate array for the texture unit

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