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Thread: Using glut with borland

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    Using glut with borland

    i used implib to get a borland version of glut32.lib, made sure it was in the compiler's library folder

    i made sure i linked it
    but i still get unresolved external "glut***"

    is there anything im forgetting? like compiler settings and such?

    btw im using borland 5.5 with some text editor

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    Re: Using glut with borland

    You try:

    #pragma comment (lib, "glut32.lib");

    and make sure you have the glu32.dll in win/system directories and glut32.lib in the correct directories.

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    Re: Using glut with borland

    ...or try GLFW instead of GLUT. GLFW directly supports Borland (static and dynamic libs, link files and include file are available).

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