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Thread: Generating an Object's Coordinates

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    Alan W

    Generating an Object's Coordinates

    Has anyone seen software that will generate the coordinates of an object for you? I've seen some projects where there are nearly 2,000 lines of code which are JUST vertex arrays...does anyone know if there is software that will generate these coordinates for you? And if so, where can I get a demo of it?

    I've tried using .obj files, and even reading them in with Nate Robin's GLM files, but obj files produce messy coordinates with long decimal places, and if you have 2000 of them, it would take to long to put them all into vertex arrays.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Generating an Object's Coordinates

    Well im no guru but i dont think theres alot out there that can help you with that. I mean, i think people would have done ALOT of research before finally resigning to making 2000 lines worth of vertex arrays.

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