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Thread: 8 sided solid

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    8 sided solid

    I'm trying to draw a 8 sided 3D polygon.
    Is there an order to drawing the faces???
    like I have to draw the top followed by the right face etc etc???

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    Re: 8 sided solid

    Hi !

    Do you mean that you want to draw an 8 sided object (with 8 polygons) or one 8 sided polygon ?

    By default you draw polygons counter clockwise, but you can change that if you want to, if you mean that you have to draw the polygons in a specific order, then the answer is no, you can draw them in any order you want.

    If you use glBegin( GL_POLYGON) then this only works with convex polygons. For non convex polygons you have to use the glu tesselator.


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