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Thread: Material problems

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    Material problems

    Well, let's expose the problem :
    When i change the material colors (diffuse etc) parameters with glMaterial(), and without enabling GL_COLOR_MATERIAL, i get what i want and everything is beautiful. But when i enable GL_COLOR_MATERIAL to use glColor(), the objetct becomes white. OK, I read the help : the current color (1,1,1,1) is assigned to the current material color (ambient_and_diffuse) that's why all is white. BUT why does glMaterial() not change anything ? I mean, i change the ambient and diffuse colors after this with glMaterial(), but the colors stay the same or are not what i expected to be !
    So what's my problem ? Can't glMaterial() and glColor() get together ? What did I miss ?


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    Re: Material problems

    That's the point of GL_COLOR_MATERIAL :

    changing the color of the material with glColor! It saves from expensive state changes from setting the new material color with glMaterial.

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