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Thread: Move Camera

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    Move Camera

    Hi buddies,

    On hand, I got some problem:
    A camera is defined as gluLookAt(0.0,0.0,-z,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,1.0,0.0) and there is a view point which is located as (3.0,3.0,3.0). How to move the camera position to that view point after I pressed the ESC button ?


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    Re: Move Camera

    hmm.... maybe set a boolean value...

    bool eschit;

    then in your keyboard code...

    if(key == ESCAPE)
    eschit = true;

    and finally in your camera update code...

    gluLookAt( camera in one location );
    gluLookAt( camera in original location );

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