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Thread: Mirrors

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    One simple question:
    How to make a mirror in room?

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    Re: Mirrors

    orthogonal mirror is very simple
    say you want mirror parallel to XY plane, that's one of general 2 solutions I know (without stencil buffer):

    1. draw everything with inversed Z coordinate, thus if your whole mirror has all Z coordinates = some_z you need to replace z coordinate of your objects with
    (-z + 2*some_z)
    2. clean z-buffer
    3. draw alpha-blended poly over the mirror
    4. draw everything

    hope it helps

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    Re: Mirrors

    Go to
    There is a very good tutorial about mirrors (Using the stencil buffer).

    GLIM - Immediate Mode Emulation for GL3

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    Re: Mirrors

    viewport also is a solution method

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