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Thread: slow openGL

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    slow openGL

    i'm making a pong game. i'm useing
    glBegin(GL_QUADS) and
    glVertex2f( to display the padles and the same for the square ball but the windows api seems to draw it faster then opengl. could some one give me some code on how to draw it the fastest possable way?
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    Re: slow openGL

    What GPU and Drivers do you use?
    Are they GL accelerated( old one's weren't) ?
    Do you program OpenGL with Visual Basic or C++?
    Do you really need to use OpenGL for this Game?

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    Re: slow openGL

    My guess would be that you're not getting any acceleration support from your video hardware.

    As for "needing" OpenGL, OpenGL is there to be used on any sort of graphical application, so if he wants to use it for pong, that's perfectly acceptable.

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    Re: slow openGL

    maybe you should check if windows is using the graphics card accelerations.

    start menu
    control panel
    performance tab

    the slider control should be on full

    this is for ME but 98 and xp should be about the same

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