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Thread: poor triangle throughput

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    poor triangle throughput

    I'm working on a quadtree based terrain system. Each node has a list of indices to it's vertices, allowing for one tri-strip per node (each end node is 9x9, about 128 triangles). I started using vertex arrays and saw fairly poor results (about 1.5 - 1.7 Mtri's per second). So i used glLockArraysSGI() on the entire array (263,169 vertices) thinking I would get some sort of performance boost, but nothing changed at all.
    I'm using a gf2 gts and an athlon 700, shouldn't I be getting at least 3 or 4 Mtri's /sec?? I'm using Interleaved arrays with texturing(2f), normals(3f), and vertices(3f).

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    Re: poor triangle throughput

    try to put the datas into the vram by using
    glAllocateMemoryNV() with your arrays and calling glDraw*() function.
    This is the most powerful method for nvidia cards.

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    Re: poor triangle throughput

    Some experiments for you to test:
    >>I'm using Interleaved arrays with texturing(2f), normals(3f), and vertices(3f)<<
    Using normals implies you have lighting on, right?
    How many lights?
    Does the performance change with lighting off (T&L bound)?
    Does the perfomance change with a very small window (fillrate bound)?
    What are your most frequent state changes?

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