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Thread: OpenML Video card.

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    OpenML Video card.

    Hello, I'm new to OpenML and the concept itself. If I bought a video card, can I use the ML library to capture video using the card? And anyone can advice me in a professional video card to use?
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    Re: OpenML Video card.

    I had asked this question from can see the *ML video processing* topic for our complete discussion about the video processing.Here's his response:

    For exploratory work and preliminary testing purposes, you can use pretty much any capture card that works with Windows -- the ML SDK comes with a sample module that simply uses the Windows drivers.

    Note however that you will not get real-time performance from this setup, since the ML module is not really a driver, it is simply an app-level emulation. So for final integration and performance tests, you need to find a card that has a native ML module. I know of DVS and SGI that have such cards, there may be others as well.

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