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Thread: Question on Supported CODECS

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    Question on Supported CODECS

    I am researching whether to use the openML spec to manager the different types of media that we have in embedded cell phones. Unfortunately, I could not find any compression type for GIF images in the ML_IMAGE_COMPRESSION_INT32 enumeration. Nor can I find any support for MJPEG or AVI. Is there any plan to add this capability to the standard?
    Ken Staggs

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    Re: Question on Supported CODECS

    I think you need more information :
    avi is a "container" as quicktime file format is.... it's not a compression format.
    an avi can contain several compression types such as mjpeg, mpeg2, mpeg4.... for audio and video.
    the problem remain : how could we standardize "private" compression type?

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