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Thread: OpenML: A cruel joke

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    OpenML: A cruel joke

    It's been what ... 3 years or something that we've been hearing OpenML is "coming". A release date is soon to be "released". Browse through these forums ... they've said since middle of last year that we'll know more at "the end of the month". "The SDK is not ready ... but will be soon"

    Bah! It's a bunch of bologna!

    It's enough to make a programmer reconsider DirectX! ... okay, maybe not.

    But really! I mean... come on!

    This is a quote from the FAQ...

    The SIG anticipates that the first products implementing the OpenML specification will appear in the second half of 2001.

    PRODUCTS??? IMPLEMENTATION??? We can't even program in the language, but ... oooooo ... products that follow the specs have been out for two years.


    I mean really!!!! Give us a beta version or something ... some headers ... let us start writing code ... SOMETHING ... ANYTHING ... just, please ... no more PDFs promising that sometime in the future you'll know more about when you might think about releasing a release date for the SDK.

    So... I figure, the whole thing must be a cruel joke. Some guy with a web server in his basement is chuckling away in front of his pc as he reads message after message or desperate programers who are waiting for the release of something that is just a figment of his imagination.

    Forget it... go download something that you IS avaliable ... Cg, DirectX, SDL, fmod...

    Good luck

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    Re: OpenML: A cruel joke

    A beta of the SDK was intended for NAB 2003 but it did not make it . I'm just hoping we see the SDK come Siggraph? The spec has been out and has been getting revised (I am on the OpenML mail list), so there is activity!

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