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Thread: A Basic question

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    A Basic question

    I have just gone through this site.
    My project involves creating a Media Library by copying media files from VCDs, etc and allowing subscribed users to download these.

    So is OpenML required for my application given the following situations
    1)My Media Library is only supposed to create a collection of Media Files and give a link to subscribers to download the same
    2)My Media Library has an additional task of developing a media player to be used by subscribers that will play all the files in the collection


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    Re: A Basic question

    Hello John
    Here's a general idea about the OpenML:
    OpenML creates a module from the video and audio card--And also any card that supprts the OpenML. You can allocate some empty buffers and construct your files.Then you Open one *input* jack and path of that module and start the transfer.If anything goes correct, OpenML receives the data from the input path and then fills the buffers with these data and delivers the buffers to the application.Now you can copy these buffers to the suggested file.Note that there are some discrete buffers.OpenML deals with each buffer independent of the other buffers.
    For more information, see the videoToFile and audioToFile examples in the SDK.

    There's an inverse manner.You can open the output jack and path and then construct some buffers .You copy the data of that files in the buffers and then you start the transfer. If successful, OpenML transfers the data to the output path.
    For more information, see the FileToVideo and FileToAudio example in the SDK.


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    Re: A Basic question

    Hi Ehsan,
    Thanks for the reply. But I am not still able to figure out if Open ML is required for my system. Can you please answer specific to my 2 points.


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    Re: A Basic question

    Hi John,

    If I understand correctly, you want to copy files from a disk (i.e.: file-system operations, rather than video capture operations), and then "serve" them to subscribers (over the Web, presumably?) who can then play them in something that resembles a Windows Media Player.

    This doesn't sound like something OpenML can really help you build. ML is aimed mainly at video I/O operations -- capture of a video stream, playback to video-out. You won't be capturing, and your playback is probably to a graphics card (i.e. a window on the desktop) rather than a video-output board. For the playback, if you plan on writing your own player, perhaps OpenGL can help you.

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