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Thread: Where can I download openML SDK???

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    Where can I download openML SDK???

    Where can I download the OpenML SDK???
    I'm interested in develop applications using OpenML but I can't find the SDK.

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    Re: Where can I download openML SDK???

    There is no public available SDK, yet. The group is working to get version 1.0 out there.

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    Re: Where can I download openML SDK???

    if it were truely open-ml you would take advantage of some of the open-source programmers out there who would be more than happy to help out...

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    Re: Where can I download openML SDK???

    Open doesn't necessarily mean open source.If im not mistaken, it, in this case it means "Open" Standard.

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    Re: Where can I download openML SDK???

    I begun to update the sgi api (the one on which basis openML is build) but I won't make it public until this compile on my pc (I'm doing the configure script at this time)
    then I will make it public on sourceforge (then I will post here for help) there is a lot of work (the script write require to read all the code )

    I have a lot of plans with openML :
    ->FX transcoder (using openGL api if possible) (this includes : blur, sharpen, merging....)
    ->codecs transcoders

    I have pointed somes weak points of openML api (see request forum (set view previous topic >1 year)) and I'm thinking of modifying a lite bit the implementation on linux to add more flexibility.... (the api will remain the same)

    If you're interested tell me more about you : If you wait that khronos do the thinks for us you'll be dead before watching something on your favourite linux box....

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