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Thread: nullxcode test failure

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    nullxcode test failure

    I'm trying to check my OpenML build with the various test and example programs. I'm having some trouble with nullxcode and its test program.

    The nullxcode_test program bails out because the length of message[3] is returned as -1. Looking at nullxcode.c it appears to me that although it does fill in the requested value for ML_VIDEO_UST_INT64, it does not fill in the length.

    Is this a bug in nullxcode.c, or a bug in my understanding?


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    Re: nullxcode test failure

    I don't think this is a bug in nullXcode.

    It is more likely a bug in the test program, which has perhaps not been kept up to date. In this particular case, I don't know why the length of the UST param would become -1 (that *does* seem strange...), but in any case it seems that the test program is really trying to test the length associated with the buffer pointer, which is in message[1], not message[3]

    I'll make a note to look into this -- at the very least, fix up the test program (and also check why message[3].length is -1).

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