this is my first visit on this forum.... I'm
wondering if there are any OpenML
implementations out there. I would like to play
around a little with this promising API.
I have programmed a lot with SGI's videolib on
Octanes and O2's. Several customers use our
"movieplayer" to broadcast pre-renderd sgi
movies. They can also blend two movie streams.
This happens on the Octane (Videoboard +
Compressionboard) with the help of the
"blender node". It's a nice piece of Hardware.
On the O2, blending can be achieved with the
use of OpenGL.... Well, questions:

1. Which OpenML implementation is able to
blend stuff (either in software or hardware).

2. Where can I find a list of all currently
available OpenML impl. (SGI, DM6 ???)

3. Where can I find a list of all OpenML
implementations currently under development?

4. Is ther any sample implementation with
which I could learn using OpenML??? It would
be sufficient to just display something on
the screen.

5. Any newsgroups or mailinglist out there on
the topic with some more traffic than here?

Thank you and best regards,

Antonio Bleile